What To Do If You Are Backed Up On Property Taxes In Raleigh

     Most property in North Carolina is subject to a year Tax, called the real property tax.

     It is not uncommon for properties to become Tax Delinquent

     There are various reasons why an owner of a property may neglect to pay taxes, it usually involves one of the following:

  • Can't afford to pay the property taxes
  • Inherited a house with other people and no one wants to pay taxes
  • Inherited a house they don't want and do not want to pay taxes
  • House needs to may repairs, they don't see paying the taxes and keeping the house worth it

     Don't worry ! If you are in this situations you have a variety of options you can choose upon to alleviate the problem.

Here's 4 things you can do if your property is tax delinquent

Contact Your County To Make Sure The Tax Liens amounts Are Correct

     If you are located in the Raleigh or Cary areas, you will be contacting the wake county tax assessors office. Ask them to clarify the total balance for your delinquent tax account and ask them how many years you are backed up on real property taxes


Figure out if you are eligible for tax exemptions       

     There are many reasons way someone may be exempt from paying real property taxes. To request an application for tax relief in Wake County, you must call the wake county tax assessors office. The deadline to submit an application for tax exemption is June 1 of every year, unless you fall into the "Good cause" category, in that case you will have the whole year to apply. 
Examples of good cause applying for tax relief my include:

  • Physical or mental illness, infirmity or disability that would reasonably affect the taxpayer’s ability to pay for the taxes
  • Death of the taxpayer or an immediate family member
  • Active duty military deployment

Examples of property exempt from real property taxation in Wake County are:

  • Real property used for religious purposes 
  • Real property used for educational purposes 
  • Real l property of religious educational assemblies used for religious and educational purposes
  • Real property used for charitable purposes  
  • Certain real property held for sale by a builder 

     A simple call to the Wake County Tax Office will let you know if you are e legible. 

Pay the taxes

     Option A is always to just pay your taxes. In general, tax delinquencies are not a large sum of money, and you may be better off by paying the total balance. This way, you will not lose the property and will have no problems at the time of sale.


Sell your the house and pay with taxes with the proceeds

     You can also sell your house. Companies like NC HomeBuyers specialize in purchasing properties from people who are backed up on taxes, or simply don't want to deal with a certain property anymore. NC HomeBuyers will buy your house as is, and help you get caught up on your property taxes.


     To conclude, the goal of this post is to inform you of your options. The last thing you want to do is have your home go in county tax foreclosure. Wake County WILL foreclosure on your property if you do not pay your property taxes. In every instance is better to sell your house, and be able to walk away from it with some money, rather than losing it forever for not paying you real property taxes.

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