Quickly Sell a Home As-Is In Raleigh

Quickly Sell a Home As-Is In Raleigh

     Caring for a house when you don't have the resources necessary (time, money), can be very stressful. That was the situation for one of our most recent sellers, Sofia, who called us about selling her house fast in Raleigh, NC.

     She was in urgent need of selling her house fast. It was a 5 bedroom ranch style home that she had kept as a rental for years, and it was now vacant and in need of a lot of repairs. Her plan was to renovated and sell it on the retail market. Unfortunately, life happen and she did not have the ability to do this any more.

     She had started the project, installing new cabinets in the house and repaired the siding. But structural problems, like cracks on the walls and under the house, and appeared up. She found a small mold issues as well. It was a lot too handle, and it would've taken Sofia way too much of her time and money to repair these issues, to then try to sell it. 

     That's when she jumped on google and looked for the #1 Company that buys houses in Raleigh, Nc Homebuyers. She talked to Kevin, who explained our easy 3 step process to receive an offer. After a short conversation, Sofia set an appointment for Kevin to go give her an offer the next day. Sofia received an all cash offer to sell her house as-is and the closing was set for a few weeks later.

     Sofia was allowed to leave all the trash inside the house, and only take the most valuable items. NC Homebuyers, was able to make the whole experience a breeze, and very private.

     Do You have a house you need to sell fast, but may need a lot of repairs? You’re not alone. Here's what you need to do:

Sell the Home As-Is to us

     If you don't have time or money to make the repairs necessary or wait for the property to sell on the market, call us. We will make you an all cash offer for your house as is, where it is. Our offer will cover all of the costs necessary to sell your house.

NC Homebuyers Buys Houses In any Condition, we've seen it all.

If you’re interested in selling a house fast here in Raleigh or immediate surrounding areas, that needs repairs, give us a call at (919) 864-1088 or fill out the form in this page.

    Our easy 3-step process is the quickest way to sell a home as-is in Raleigh, while avoiding the hassle of making repairs, and months of unnecessary wait. Don't wait, call today!

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