How To Sell A House As-Is In RALEIGH

  This is a question we notice Raleigh homeowners have very frequently. They want to sell their house “as-is” because putting money into a house that needs work or is simply outdated is NOT fun.

     There's many reasons why homeowners need to sell specifically "As Is": The house needs too much work, the house has been vacant for a long time, they inherited a house and now are having to deal with all the maintenance and bills, they are out of town landlords and simply cannot keep up with the house.  


   All of those are reasons WHY a house got to shape it is in, and there's even more reasons WHY the owner may want to sell as is and it usually goes something like this... "I don't have the time to make the repairs and then sell", "I need to sell it fast and cannot afford to have the property sit on the market", Or "I simply cannot afford to make the repairs necessary to be able to sell my house on the market". Sound Familiar?

First things first.

What IT really means to sell a house as-is?

     Selling your house “as-is” meas that you, the homeowner, has no desire of making any repairs to the property they are trying to sell, they are looking for someone who is willing to buy the property regardless of any repairs needed, and just move on. 

     An "As Is" Sale also means that the seller is aware that the house needs some work, and that it is the buyers responsibility to figure out what these issues are and still move forward with the purchase of the home. Some of these issues are related to foundation or structural problems, Mold infestations or environmental conditions, plumbing, roof, etc. That being said, an "As Is" clause is not a free pass for the seller to lie about the condition of the home, so make sure, if you are selling a house "as is" in Raleigh, to disclose any issues you are aware of, because the buyer will find out either way through a basic home inspection.

    There's many reasons why selling a house "as is" could be beneficial to you, so you may be wondering... 

Is anybody buying houses "as is" or in need or repairs in raleigh?


     YES! If you need to sell a house as-is in Raleigh, you need to keep in mind that your ideal buyer is NOT going to be a first time retail buyer, most retail buyers are looking for houses that are move in ready and need nothing done. You may be able to find a retail buyer who is willing to purchase your house "as is" if the work needed is minor or cosmetic, but if were talking about anything bigger than that, forget about them.

     With properties that are really outdated or need tons repairs, it usually makes more sense to sell straight to a real estate investment company or "Cash Buyer", rather than go through a realtor, for them to eventually find the cash house buyer regardless and take the commission on top.

     It is also a waste of time at times to look for a retail buyer or list your house even if it needs lots of repairs because many lenders will not provide financing for these types of properties.

    So how do you know it is time to contact a reputable house cash buyer? Well... if the repairs needed include anything that's not cosmetic work, like the roof, mold, foundation problems, plumbing, electrical, OR if the house is way too outdated and needs a complete re-do, it may be a good idea for you to contact a real estate investor and get a cash offer. They usually will provide you with a no obligation cash offer, so you have nothing to lose.

But wait... there's another question

Should I fix the property myself, and then try to sell it?

     Fixing up a house is A LOT of work. If you have the funds and necessary to tackle on this project, you may be able to walk away with a little bit more money. That being said, this process make take you some time, man power, money, and not to mention dealing with contractors, requesting permits, it sucks! So if you are in need to sell your house fast, this may not be the way to go. 


How can i get the most money for my house?

1: Get a cash offer from the most reputable cash buyer in your area, there's plenty of companies you can contact. If you are in Raleigh, You can contact NC HomeBuyers, we're the #1 house buying company in Raleigh and all of wake county. Evaluate the offer, and if the offer makes sense, it may be a good idea for you to take it and not have to deal with the pain of making any repairs, and keeping up with all the bills associated with the property. Property Taxes Suck

2: If you are not in need to sell your house fast or your house simply needs minor cosmetic work, you may have a good shot at selling it on the market. I would still get some offers from cash buyers, if you don't get an offer from retail buyers, you can always fall back to the cash offer. 

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