Why Nc Homebuyers is the #1 "We buy houses in Raleigh, NC" company in the area

     Luckily for you, If you are thinking about selling your house fast in the Raleigh, NC or surrounding areas, you will not have trouble finding a real estate investing company that will be interested in buying it.

     There's a ton of real estate investing companies, investors and "we buy houses in Raleigh, NC" people  in the Wake county area (I am sure you have seen the signs around town), but they all vary in the quality of service they provide and how they run their business, so props to you for doing your research! 

What differentiates Nc Homebuyers from all the other companies around? 

Super fast response and 1-1 interaction

     I bet if you tried calling the other top 5 "We buy houses" companies that show up on google, you wouldn't be able to connect with them directly, and you would be prompted to leave a voicemail with your information, and they may call your back in a few days (Yes, MAY call you back, some don't even bother reaching back). When you call Nc Homebuyers, we are here when you need us, we will answer the phone directly or call you back withing 15 minutes. You will also be speaking directly with our acquisitions manager Kevin, and you will deal with him directly through out the entire transaction, from the initial call, to the appointment, and then the closing. 


We're Local!

     We're right here! Right in your backyard. This means we know the area very well, and you will be dealing with someone who is familiar with your home location from the moment you call, and not some big national company that knows nothing about your area! 

You will sell without making ANY repairs

     We buy houses in Raleigh and surrounding areas in any condition, as-is. To us, it does not matter if your house has terrible foundation issues or major roof problems, there is no project that is to big to scare us away! Minor cosmetic repairs, paint, foundation issues, roof leaks, whatever condition your property is, we are able to buy it! No need for you to do anything to your house, no need to even clean! We buy houses AS-IS.

sell house no repairs

We buy houses cash, And close when you need

     We buy houses CASH! This allows us to close whenever you need us to close. No need of long waits for closings, no need for appraisers to come to your your house, no banks involved. By purchasing houses with cash we are able to allow you to choose the time frame in which we will close on your home, that means we can close in a matter of days or as much time as you need to move out.

guaranteed 24hr no obligation cash offer.

     You call people like us to make you an offer for your home, and that is what we do. In a lot of cases,many investors fail to get back with the sellers with an offer like they promised after they have seen their property. We, at Nc Homebuyers, GUARANTEE you a cash offer for your home EVERY TIME. After we see your house, if we don't make you an offer on the spot, we will call you within 24 hours with a cash offer in hand. This is a cash offer that you are under no obligation at all to accept, so you can accept the offer or sit on it and think about it for as long as you need! No pressure whatsoever. 

No fees or commissions.

     We're n the business of buying houses, we make our money after we buy your house with the work and marketing we put into it. So don't expect to pay us any fees or commissions for the transaction, ever! 

We are able to help in every situation

     We buy houses from sellers in all types of situations, like: Divorce, probate, inhered a house, house needs a lot of costly repairs, or your simply don't want to deal with realtors. We are able to help you no matter what! 

We pay top dollar

     We simply pay more than our competition. Some companies will surprise you with a very low ball offer, and try to take advantage of your situation. We will always make you our highest and best offer from the get go, keeping in mind your reason for selling this home and your needs. 


100% closing rate

     We are proud to let the Raleigh real estate market known that we have never backed out of a purchase. We have a 100% closing rate on every contract we have signed, creating, of course, a long list of very happy clients! 

We provide tons of free resources for everyone! 

     We have many resources available in our website to aid sellers in the area with whatever situation they may be going through, like how to sell their house after it has been sitting on the market for a long time. check out our blog or The NC Homebuyers' youtube channel

Long list of very happy clients (Tons of reviews and testimonials available) 

     We've been blessed to have a very happy list of past clients that have been so thrilled with our service that were willing to out of their way to upload testimonials and reviews on the web. A big part of our business is referrals, so make sure we always provide the best service and make sure the seller get's all of their expectations met.

Check out the video testimonials below! and click here to see more!

     By now, it should be clear to you the many reasons why we are considered the #1 "we buy houses in Raleigh" company around. If you have read this far and have a house in the area you are looking to sell call us now at 9198641088, or fill out the small form and we will contact you ASAP! 

If you would like to learn more about how our process to buy your house works click here !

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