Why homeowners sell their home to NC Homebuyers

    You may be asking yourself. "Why do so many people sell their house in Raleigh to Nc Homebuyers?"  We see this question on social media all of the time. You may have seen our ads or people posting about how happy they are to have worked with us. 

     The reasons why someone would sell to Nc Homebuyers (the #1 "we buy houses" company in raleigh)differ from seller to seller in every case. Nc Homebuyers doesn’t claim to be the perfect fit for everyone. Our home buying team makes this clear up front on the first phone call, but to most people, we can be lifesaving when having to sell your house fast, without making any repairs.

     The most common type of homeowner that sells their home to us is someone who’s lived in their house for more than a few years. Then, all of the kids are grown and have moved away. They may be thinking about retiring and downsizing. While the house may be in habitable condition, nothing has been updated from it's original shape. The roof is old and the HVAC system is on its last legs. Water leaks are common, so there might be mold present in the house.

     In order to sell these types of homes, home owners will have to spend a ton of money and time to get the home up to the market standards. Not only do they need to come up with the money, they will also have to find a reliable contractor to do the job, and will have to manage the whole repair process, which is very time consuming.

     Most of the time, they will need to get their belongings out of the way, so that the contractors can do their work. Imagine how much stuff a family can accumulate during 20-30 years... This all means more expenses, from storage place and even RENT if the repairs are so extensive the family cannot stay in the house. So even if they HAVE the money to make the repairs your house needs (which the majority of home owners don't), most people don’t have the time and energy it takes to make the house meet the market standards. 

How about selling their house as-is?

     That's definitely an option . However, most first time home buyers are not looking for fixer-uppers in this market. People want to move in to a house that's live in ready! Putting a house that needs repairs on the market with the hope of selling it as-is could take many months before a buyer comes along with an offer.

     Another big reason why selling as-is is not preferred, is because banks will not finance properties that need repairs. Even small repairs, like a leak on the roof, or old HVAC unit.

     Even if a buyer comes along, in most cases, they will pay much less than asking price for the property, since they will need to make all of the repairs before they move into the house.

    Most home sellers don’t have the time, resources or patience to wait months and months for the right type of buyer to come along and make an offer for their house in need or repairs, which is why selling to Nc Homebuyers makes the most sense.

    What Nc homebuyers WILL do is make the seller a cash offer, with money in hand, to close on the property at the sellers convenience! 

    Nc Homebuyers will buy your house as is, without making any repairs, pay you cash, avoid contact with banks and appraisals, and will close when YOU decide. 

     This is why so many people sell to nc homebuyers.

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