How To Sell A House That Needs Repairs in Raleigh, NC

     Selling a house that needs repairs in Raleigh, NC

The main reasons why home owners contact us at NC Homebuyers in Raleigh to sell their house fast and as is are:

  •     They need to sell the house fast
  •     They need to sell the house as is (many times, with substantial repairs needed)

     Having a house that needs repairs is very common, and it still gives you an opportunity to sell the house

     That's where companies that buy houses for cash come in.

     At Nc Homebuyers, we guarantee you a CASH offer for your home in it AS-IS state, we buy houses in any condition. Even major repairs, like: selling a house with foundation issues, selling a house with a broken HVAC unit, selling a house with mold problems, selling a house with roof leaks, selling a house with ceiling stains, selling a house that's very updated, and anything else you can think of! 

     If you have any of those problems, you most likely will not be able to sell to a retail buyer, you r best bet is to sell to an investor or company that buyer houses cash in Raleigh, like us. 

     We will buy your house as is, and also close on the date you choose, so that you can get your money when YOU decide.

     A big reason why selling to us makes sense in this case, is that we do not work with banks, since we pay cash, which eliminates the need for appraisals. 

     Most of the time, a bank will not lend on a property that needs a lot of repairs, which limits a lot of your buyer pool. We bypass by buying your house for cash and as is!

If you need to sell your house fast, for cash and as is, in Raleigh contact us now. Simply fill out the form bellow, or give us a call, at 919 8641088!

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